Essential Services for Keeping Your Septic Tank in Top Working Shape

A septic tank is an integral component of a septic system that is usually ignored until a problem occurs within the system. Yet proper septic tank maintenance is vital for keeping the entire system working at its best for a long time.

If you rely on a septic system to dispose of the wastewater exiting your home, it's imperative that you take proper care of your septic tank. The good news is that there are a variety of septic tank services that are available to help keep your septic system healthy for as long as possible. 

Check out some essential septic tank maintenance services that you'll need to keep your tank in good working shape.

Septic Tank Pumping

All wastewater that leaves your home is directed to the septic tank where it is separated into three main layers – sludge, scum and effluent.

Sludge refers to the heavy solids that settle at the bottom of the tank, while scum is the floatable solids, such as fats and oils, that make up the top layer. The liquid wastewater sandwiched between the settleables and floatables is what is referred to as effluent. Effluent is discharged from the tank into an adjacent field called the drain field, where it is absorbed by the soil. 

With time, an accumulation of solids (sludge and scum) can reduce your septic tank's capacity. As more and more solids build up inside the tank, there will be less and less space to hold wastewater coming out of your home. 

Periodic septic tank pumping is necessary to pump out excess solids from the tank, thus ensuring there is always enough space for the wastewater exiting your home.

Septic Tank Cleaning

While septic tank pumping is designed to prevent the excess build-up of solid waste in your septic tank over time, it may not do enough to get rid of caked-in sludge. 

A thorough cleaning process after pumping may be required to help remove this type of sludge. Septic tank cleaning specialists can use deep-cleaning techniques like water jetting to ensure your tank is completely emptied following a pump-out.

Septic Tank Inspection

Septic tank inspections are the best proactive approach for keeping your septic tank and system healthy over their lifespan. These inspections involve periodically checking for signs of septic tank back-up or damage to the tank.

Without septic tank inspections, it is difficult to detect and address problems that may lead to septic system failure early enough. 

Taking proper care of your septic tank is vital for increasing the performance and efficiency of your septic system. Need professional help with your septic tank maintenance needs? Talk to a septic tank service near you today!

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